What stage are you in?


What stage do you want to be in?

Stage 1

 Unknown Internet directories

Your business is included in one or more Internet directories, that others have compiled, and you happen to be included.  You did not provide any input, nor are you aware of your listing.

You have been left behind in the digital age, but your business is plodding along and keeping you busy, so you don’t have time to care.  You are not “into” computers anyway, so it will be just fine. Besides, you will be retiring in a few years.

Stage 2

Internet directory where you update content

Someone convinced you to participate in the Digital Age, and you agreed to play.  Your non-work time is very limited, so you only update your content when someone calls you or you receive a reminder email.

Stage 3

 Social Media page

Your spouse or other family member convinced you that you needed at least a Facebook Page to promote your business.  Since it was free, you agreed to give them your login credentials so they could do it for you.

You don’t know what to post, so you send pictures of an employee’s birthday party, a vacation, etc. to your assignee, and they upload your pictures for you. 

Stage 4

 Free website, with ads

Your favorite niece or nephew convinced you that you really do need a website if you expect your business to grow, but you didn’t want to spend any money on it.  As luck would have it, you heard about a free website they could create for you.

Or, you got real motivated, and decided to learn how to create your own website, and found the time one weekend and created it.  However, you do not have the time to update it, nor can you figure out how to add that enhancement to make your website more effective.

Stage 5

 Minimal website

Years ago, you hired someone to create a website for you.  However, it is not mobile friendly, and it looks like it is 20 years old, so your listing does not appear in any search engines.  You called your old webmaster, but they have either moved or they no longer do websites.

Even though your content is way out of date, you still like the pictures and your logo, so you don’t want to scrap it.  And besides, you get a call every once in a while from the website, so it must still be working.

Stage 6

 Professional website

You realize the only way to grow your business is to have a professional website, with up-to-date content.  Even though it was not a good time, budget wise, you spent the money and it is now paying off.

After benefiting from your efforts, you are now searching for ways to further grow and enhance your brand, but with so many scams out there, you are not quite sure what your next move should be.

Stage 7

 Professional, with up-to-date content

You are so proud of what you and your webmaster have accomplished, you love the opportunity to share your success stories with others, almost to a fault.  In fact, you are even exploring other digital avenues in order to further enhance your success.

You receive reports on your site visitors, bounce rates, interactivity, and having a successful website is becoming more fun than sports and other types of entertainment,  and besides, it’s more profitable.

Stage 8

Interative between business and clients

Your clients and customers are interacting with your website on a daily or weekly basis.  Sales are good and profits are growing.  This has worked out so well for your clients, you are starting to reflect on how your website could also help you in your daily operation.

How to keep track of conversations, sales, inventory, due dates, logistics, and more.  You are starting to think there needs to be another Stage…   is it time to move into a web application?