Web Apps

Madison County has been using our GovSuite web application for over 10 years now.  When it was first created, it immediately freed up one individual, that had been doing a lot of manual labor in support of their operation, to be given a  completely different job, completing work that had fallen by the wayside due to lack of personnel.

GovSuite manages all the Building, Electrical and Mechanical Permits for a county of about 35,000 properties.  GovSuite also tracks all the zoning variances, abandoned properties, and a lot more.

The application includes a number of different user types that log in from many different locations.  For example, when an Inspector completes their report, rather than nailing the traditional report on a 2 x 4, they enter the information into GovSuite, and the system generates an email alerting the builder whether their work passed or failed, and if failed, why.  Additionally, the builder is able to log in and request Inspections, etc.