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Are you tired of "making donations" to marketing firms for ads or support where you never get a positive return on your investment? Or having to spend many thousands of dollars on a website that doesn't include compelling content to pay for itself? We too have spent money for ads in local maps, calendars, golf booklets, etc. where the ads never paid for themselves.

If you are in the same boat, we would like to introduce you to a smarter way to market and promote your business. To see how we can help, check out our Services.

How Can We Help?

We can help your team win!

Keep your business name in front of your local residents by regularly posting:

  • NEWS ITEMS: Inform site visitors about new products or services you are offering, or about an employee that has done exceptionally well, or an exceptional contract, etc.
  • SPECIALS: Increase sales during slow periods, generate more traffic, or just grow your business.
  • EVENTS: Increase attendance at your events by keeping your local residents aware of them, before the date arrives, rather than after it has passed.
  • HELP WANTED: Need more workers? Post your Help Wanted Ads in a common location, at both the City and County levels, where more people will see them.

Since there is no limit to the number of posts, you should get in the habit of posting a free item every two weeks to keep your business name front and center where it will be remembered.

Finally, your free business listing in Every.CITY includes a link to your website, your address and phone number, as well as a map showing your business location, if you so desire.

When you join Every.CITY, you will automatically be in our Bronze Plan. With that plan, you can post unlimited News Items, Specials, Events and Help Wanted Ads, all for free.

What happens when someone clicks one of your postings, or if they click on your business listing? Or worse yet, what happens if your listing is not clickable because you don't have a website? As you might guess, it is really important in today's digital age that someone interested in your business can quickly find the information they need.

If you already have a website that meets the needs of the site visitor, great. If not, we have several excellent "DataSpokes" website options that both fit the bill and also fit into almost any budget.

We call it a DataSpokes website as your data from your postings automatically feeds to your website, as well as your City and County websites within Every.CITY, as well as the Specialty Websites. So a single posting goes out in multiple directions like the spokes in a wheel. The plans are as follows:

  • SILVER PLAN: This plan includes everything in the Bronze Plan, but also includes a free 11-page website built into Every.CITY. There is, however, a $10 per month hosting fee to store and display your website information. The 11 pages include:

    1. Home Page, with a slideshow carousel
    2. About Us Page, including an optional Staff Listing
    3. Services, Products or Specialty Page, depending on your business type
    4. Portfolio Page which can be active or not
    5. News Item Page
    6. Specials Page
    7. Events Page
    8. Help Wanted Page
    9. Frequently Asked Questions Page
    10. Resource Links Page
    11. Contact Us Page

    Finally, you can start and stop your Plan whenever you like -- no minimum monthly commitment.

  • GOLD PLAN: Same as the Silver Plan, only your website is built as a stand-alone webpage where it can be accessed directly or from within Every.CITY. The cost of this plan is a one-time fee of $200, plus the same $10 per month hosting fee.

    and you can start out with the Silver Plan and then upgrade to the Gold Plan whenever you like.

    And finally, we think so highly of our Gold Plan, we use the Data Spokes Gold Plan for our Software Masters website.